Racial Justice & Equity

I believe New Brighton has potential to be a truly inclusive city where everyone that lives here feels welcome. I believe we are better served when all members of our community are heard and their voices represented while making important decisions about our city’s future. As a renter, veteran, immigrant, and naturalized citizen, I believe I bring a multitude of fresh perspectives to Cityhall that will make our city better. I believe my diverse background, lived and professional experiences give me the necessary tools our city needs to have productive conversations around racial justice and equity issues. Here are some important steps that I would like to explore as my policy priorities if elected:

  • Understand the systemic issues that currently affect low income, Black, Indegious, and People of Color in our community by using existing spaces and efforts such as the monthly community conversations and listening sessions that City officials have started.
  • Continue and guide the authentic relationship-building community engagement efforts our public safety department started to ensure our underrepresented communities feel they can trust our law enforcement officers.
  • Wealth building and empowering minority owned small businesses and entrepreneurs to make sure New Brighton can meet the needs of its diverse population.
Other Issues: Affordable Housing | Small Business & Economic Development | Public Infrastructure & Transportation | Environmental Responsibility